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At Fresh Up, we provide a wide range of Mattresses, ranging from Foam to Spring, Luxury to Pocket Friendly mattresses. Looking for a solution to your Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain? Have a look at our Orthopedic Mattresses. These Orthopedic Mattresses are Firmer in nature and provide extra support to your Spine. Thus, Relaxing the Pain from critical Pressure Points and improving the alignment of the Spine. Orthopedic Mattresses are recommended to those suffering from Neck, Shoulders and Back Pain. Orthopedic Mattresses- Exotica, Enduring, Excel, Sandwich, Boost Up, Correct Posture, Start Fresh
At Fresh Up, we provide a range of Mattresses with Firmness varying from Soft, Medium-Soft, Medium, Medium-Hard, and Hard. Soft Firmness Mattresses: Grandeur Eurotop, Grandeur Pillowtop, Rest Time Firm Soft, Rest Time Pure Puf, Marvel Premia, Horizon, Hemisphere Nova. Medium-Soft Firmness Mattresses: Loosen Up Pillowtop, Relive Premia, Hemisphere Premia. Medium Firmness Mattresses: Loosen Up Eurotop, Grandeur, Relive Ultima. Medium-Hard Firmness Mattresses: Exotica, Excel, Sandwich, Boost Up, Loosen Up. Hard Firmness Mattresses: Enduring, Boost Up, Correct Posture, Start Fresh, Rest Time Double Firm, Rest Time Firm Soft, Rest Time Orthonova, Rest Time Ortho Time.
Rest Time is a range of Economical Mattresses. These Mattresses are perfect for those who are looking for Low Priced Mattresses. Fresh Up provides budget friendly mattresses without compromising on the quality of the raw material. Rest Time Mattresses: Rest Time Ortho time, Rest Time Firm Soft, Rest Time Double Firm, Rest Time Pure Puf, Rest Time Orthonova.
Fresh Up provides a wide range of Foam Mattresses. These Foam Mattresses provide a cushiony feel with a slight Firmness. The Body Weight gets distributed evenly providing better Blood Flow. Tossing and turning while sleeping on a Foam Mattress won’t disturb the partner. Goodnight Sleep for all. Foam Mattresses are composed of flexible PU Foam thus preventing the body heat from getting trapped in the open cell structure. Foam Mattresses: Hemisphere Ultima, Hemisphere Pemia, Hemisphere Nova, Horizon, Marvel Premia, Relive Premia, Relive Ultima.
We offer high quality Spring Mattresses which give a Luxurious feel. You can find Soft, Ultra-bouncy, Sinking feel Spring Mattresses as well as the firm ones. The Mattresses are composed of Bonnel Spings with good cushiony padding between the layers. These Spring Mattresses are available in both Eurotop (European style) and Pillowtop (American style) form. You can find both Reversible as well as Non-Reversible Mattresses here. Range of Spring Mattresses: Loosen Up, Loosen Up (Eurotop), Loosen Up (Pillowtop), Grandeur, Grandeur (Eurotop), Grandeur (Pillowtop)