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Which position do you sleep on? Let's explore the right mattress for your position type. Sleeping on your Back: A Mattress of hardness level MEDIUM TO HARD is suitable. Sleeping on your Stomach: A Mattress of hardness level SOFT TO MEDIUM is suitable. A Spring Mattress is the right one for you. Sleeping on your side: A Mattress of hardness level SOFT TO MEDIUM is suitable.
Have you ever wondered why a Mattress sometimes causes a Back Pain? A Human Spine, in its ideal alignment takes the Shape of a double ā€˜Sā€™. When this Shape is not supported by a Good Quality Mattress, Back Problems starts. Orthopedic or Hard Mattresses are constructed to provide extra support to the Spine. The hard support layer supports the Back and the Shoulders, easing off the pain from critical Pressure Points and hence Enhancing the alignment of the Spine. Fresh Up Orthopedic Mattresses provide a Goodnight Sleep and Fresh Mornings as it eliminates all the pain occurring in the back. Fresh Up Orthopedic Mattresses- Exotica, Enduring, Excel, Sandwich, Boost Up, Correct Posture, Start Fresh Mattress.
Is your Neck Pain disturbing your day-to-day activities? Sleeping on your back or on your side are the best positions for your neck. The type of Pillow to choose while sleeping on your Back: a rounded pillow which provides support to the natural curve of the neck with a flatter pillow supporting your head. This can be obtained by wrapping a neck roll into the pillowcase of a flatter pillow. The following tips can adopted for better neck support: 1. A Feather Pillow helps in such a situation as it conforms to the neck shape. 2. A Memory Foam pillow contours to the shape of your neck and head and promotes spinal alignment. These pillows are generally recommended for cervical pain. 3. Stay away from high and hard/stiff pillows. 4. For side-sleepers: pillow should be higher under your neck as compared to the head. To explore the Mattresses for your sleeping positions, visit:

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