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Fresh Up


Fresh Up is a branded mattress line by one of India’s largest and most reputed PU Foam manufacturers, M.H. Polymers Pvt. Ltd., which is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company with over 25 years of experience in the field. M.H. Polymers started off by filling the void of customer service in the PU foam manufacturing industry. Its management adapted the ideologies of customer comes first, stringent quality checks and sustainable development and soon took it to be among the largest and the most reputed PU foam manufacturers in the country. M.H. Polymers is now ready to expand by vertically integrating with a premium covered mattresses line. All the raw materials used in Fresh Up products are of highest industry standards and each mattress line goes through stringent quality control checks. Our policy is to manufacture and provide superior quality mattresses to enhance customer satisfaction and develop sustainable business practices. MH Polymers has effectively integrated IT solutions in its supply chain to track back all the raw materials of a mattress thereby allowing us to be receptive to customer needs and easing out customer responsiveness. Owing to its 25 years of experience in the industry, consistent due diligence and persistent efforts to strive towards sustainable development, MH Polymers has developed excellent relationships with its suppliers and customers. Fresh Up brings about the very best of M.H. through covered PU Foam mattresses that are tailored to bridge the gap between what is being currently offered in the market and what the consumers truly deserve. Comforting lives is what Fresh Up is all about.


Exotica INR 0 INR 0  A premium Eurotop mattress composed of 100% pure rebounded foam having very high density and layered by soft high-density PU foam on the top.  can be used only on One side.  comfort meter: Medium-Hard Firmness  Warranty Period: 10 years  Material: Knitted fabric. Explore more at: True 1507037054
Enduring INR 0 INR 0  Firm mattress, best suitable for back and shoulder pain.  This mattress is made up of 100% pure rebounded foam of very high density making it best suitable for back pain.  Comfort meter: Hard.  Warranty Period: 11 years  Material: Towel Jacquard fabric True 1507037133
Correct Posture
Correct Posture INR 0 INR 0  Firm mattress, best suitable for back and shoulder pain.  Composed of 100% pure rebounded foam of very high density.  Composition of the fabric: Knitted fabric.  Comfort meter: hard  Warranty period: 11 years  Material used: knitted Buy Now: True 1507040804
Loosen Up Eurotop
Loosen Up Eurotop INR 0 INR 0  The best possible Bonnel springs are layered by extra plush high-density PU foam.  Plushy mattress  One sided use  European style  Comfort meter: medium  Warranty: 7 years  Composition of the fabric: knitted fabric True 1507041007
Boost Up
Boost Up INR 0 INR 0  Orthopedic mattress composed of 100% pure Rebonded Foam giving utmost support to your spine.  The mattress can be used on both the sides  Comfort meter: Medium- Hard Firmness  Warranty period: 12 years  Material: Heavy knitted fabric. Explore more at : True 1507040669
Loosen Up
Loosen Up INR 0 INR 0  Bonnell springs of high quality are used.  The mattress gives a bouncy feel while giving you maximum comfort.  The mattress can be used on both the sides  comfort meter: medium-hard  Warranty period: 5 years  Fabric: knitted fabric Explore more at: True 1507040935
Immerse Platinum
Immerse Platinum INR 0 INR 0  Luxury mattress made of high quality Pure Memory foam and high density Pocket Springs.  Firmness: soft-medium firmness.  can be used only from one side.  Fabric: Imported knitted fabric Buy Now: True 1513854150
Orthotime Plus
Orthotime Plus INR 0 INR 0  An Orthopedic mattress suitable to provide relief to sore muscles.  Pocket friendly  comfort meter: hard.  Non-reversible mattress.  Warranty Period: 5 years  Material: knitted fabric Buy Now: True 1513855769
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